Mirada – Euskaltel Set Top Box

Participating in Euskaltel project, for about 6 years, which successfully resulted in a HD STB deployment (visit customer product website (spanish) link is down) still in use in north Spain.
Which features :

  • PPV (Pay Per View). Video On Demand (VOD)
  • Network StartOver, Network Timeshift, Network PVR
  • HD – HDMI (High definition TV and smooth graphical interface)
  • Multimedia media center (Video, Music, Pictures)
  • Guide, Grid, Miniguide. All TV info easy to check
  • External USB PVR (future releases), never released.

I’ve been taking part in different roles inside Euskaltel project:

  • Documentation and specification review.
  • Graphical interface level: QML/QT/C++ interface development and bugfixing.
  • Library/OS level: C++/QT/scripting platform stability, integration, chroot toolchain generation, product releases.
  • Development, documentation and design for Nagra CAK6/Nagra Security Certification 1.4. A CAS(Content Access System) certification including system hardening.

This roles involved: bug hunting, memory leaks, performance issues, 3rd party and OS library problems, DVB standards knowledge, technical integration with an international partner, etc.
I’m a team member reference, always trying to help team mates and project manager doubts.

As part of improvement and innovation, I always use python and shell-scripting to ease my regular tasks.

Any new feature or change request is always analysed using UML diagrams or similar.

C++, cmake, shell-scripts, busybox, QT, QML, DVB, mercurial, JIRA, gdb, Nagra CAK 6, hardening, python
Linux Embedded, renesas-SH4, schroot, cross-compilation

Company website: Mirada
Mirada forms the largest independent interactive audio/visual supplier in Europe.