Mirada – iOS Team

Participating in IZZI, ATNI, DIGITAL, SKYTEL and MIRADA iOS product development

As a big career move, I’ve needed to study lots of topics to start catching up the rest of the team. I will enumerate the most important, as it could always be a good reference for anyone in the same position:

Features participation:

  • Bugfixing.
  • AirPlay integration for izzigo app and kids app.
  • nPVR (network PVR)
  • Home Screen. Promotion with images and video advertising.

I’ve been taking part in the next roles :

  • Documentation and design. Create UML diagrams for existing features and use cases.
  • Development + Testing. Integrating Airplay requires a good AVFoundation undestanding, some HLS, etc.

This roles involved: bug hunting, performance issues, apple integration, etc.
I’m a senior developer, but still a senior iOS team member, so still need some work to fully understand Apple development world. As always, willing to help team mates and project manager doubts, as I always like to learn all language and topics details.


swift, objective-C, CLEAN, VIPER, Alamofire, Realm, HLS, FairPlay
iOS, Xcode, fastlane, jenkins

Company website: Mirada
Mirada forms the largest independent interactive audio/visual supplier in Europe.

Client info: Televisa – IZZI
IZZI is a tier 1 telecom from Mexico, part of TELEVISA group. A video content provider leader.

Client info: ATN International РOne Communications
ATN International is a tier 1 telecom from USA.