Mirada – IZZI / ATNI Set Top Box

Participating in Company projects, such as Youtube certifications or browsers such as Chromium or Cobalt integrations.

Participating in ATNI-One Communications project, for about 6 months, which successfully integrated WIFI and ETHERNET management inside our STB devices stack.
Features participation:

  • WIFI and ETHERNET management and configuration. (WPA2, WPE, Ethernet)

Participating in IZZI project, within Youtube/Netflix integration, for about 3 months.

Features participation:

  • Custom enterprise Toolchain integration for Chromiun browser and Cobalt browser.
  • DIAL protocol bug fixing and integration.


I’ve been taking part in coupled roles :

  • Documentation and design. UML diagrams.
  • Library/OS level: C++/QT/scripting development, integration for wifi support using wpa_supplicant(https://w1.fi) .

This roles involved: bug hunting, performance issues, 3rd party and OS library problems, etc.
I’m a senior team member, able to resolve specific problems. And as always, willing to help team mates and project manager doubts.

As part of improvement and innovation, I have encouraged participation with Concurrent Integration team.

C++11, cmake, shell-scripts, busybox, QT, QML, mercurial, JIRA, gdb, hardening, python, wifi, wpa_supplicant
Linux Embedded, arm, mips, schroot, cross-compilation, jenkins

Company website: Mirada
Mirada forms the largest independent interactive audio/visual supplier in Europe.

Client info: Televisa – IZZI
IZZI is a tier 1 telecom from Mexico, part of TELEVISA group. A video content provider leader.

Client info: ATN International РOne Communications
ATN International is a tier 1 telecom from USA.