Working on automatic announcement systems (IRIS) product, an audio/visual information system used by underground and overground top companies such as Metro de Madrid, CPTM, Renfe or Metro Mexico.

My main tasks included embedded software design and development in C/C++, combining all software cycle: analysis, design, implementation, improvement, testing and maintenance.
Soon became key software developer on deployment, validation, start up and put in production of developed system (including on site tests).

As part of improvement and innovation, I ported platform applications to x86, and using tools like valgrind solved memleaks and performance problems. I also build a simple automatic tester using python, as well as short programs to ease common tasks.

Technical assistance and support to other departments of the company along start up and put in production.

Linux Embedded, ARM7, C++, C, python, UML,cross-compilation
ATP, CBTC, MVB, OOP, distributed systems, sockets, multicast, ethernet, RS-485, MVB, streaming, subversion, gdb, valgrind, profiling, virtualbox

Company website: Sepsa/Albatros
Company is specialized in design, manufacture, commercialization and maintenance of equipment for the railway industry.