Computer Science. EDP.

Developing End of Degree Proyect (PFC)


Kernel linux process monitoring.


The project has been designed (almost entirely) and developed by myself. It’s main task is to monitor internal linux kernel data structures related to each process.

A graphical interface and remote monitoring is included in this design.


UML, C++, C, CORBA, HAL, SSL, D-BUS, kernel linux, GTKmm, DBUSmm, sockets, TCP-IP, autotools, shell-script, unit testing, subversion, trac, VirtualBox, apache.

More info:

All project has been developed as a free software project, following all common guidelines. All infrastructure was chosen and managed by myself. It’s expected that any required patches that will be required in the different used libraries will be submitted upstream.
All this decisions are the reason for the long duration of the project.
You can check current state visiting the project website: